Everything You Need to Know About Apple iOS 14.4

Apple’s most recent operating system iOS 14.4 has been released for iPhones as well as iPads and iPod Touches. It’s a major upgrade which brings many enhancements and new features to the operating system. Apple has continuously improved the mobile OS throughout the decades which is why iOS 14.4 has been no different. This update is focused on security, performance and stability, in addition to adding a variety of new features.

What’s New in Apple iOS 14.4

Apple iOS 14.4 includes several new features and improvements. Some of the most prominent improvements are:

  • The capability to include the “Suggested Contacts” list to the Contacts application.
  • The option to deactivate app tracking within Settings. Settings app.
  • Support for AirPlay on Apple TV.
  • A new AirPods widget.
  • ProRAW” photo format for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.
  • Performance is improved by using apps from the App Store.
  • Ability for scanning QR codes with no need to launch the Camera application.
  • Improved support for external storage devices.
  • The possibility of using Face ID with a mask.

The Benefits of Updating to Apple iOS 14.4

The upgrade with Apple iOS 14.4 is a fantastic way to get the most of the latest features and enhancements. The main benefits of upgrading with iOS 14.4 include enhanced performance, improved security, and improved stability. In addition, the new features that come in iOS 14.4 will help users gain more value from their devices.

Compatibility Issues With Apple iOS 14.4

Before making the switch to iOS 14.4 Users should ensure that their gadget is supported. Apple has listed supported devices in its site. Also, some older models may not be compatible with iOS 14.4.

Upgrading to Apple iOS 14.4

The upgrade process from iOS 14.4 is fairly simple. The upgrade can be done directly from their devices or through iTunes on a PC. Prior to upgrading, it is important to back up all of your data and ensure that there’s enough storage space for the upgrade. In addition, users must make sure that the gadget is linked to a stable WiFi network.

Tips to Optimize Performance for Apple iOS 14.4

After updating to iOS 14.4 Users may be looking to boost the performance of their device. One of the most effective method to do this is to free up storage space. This is done by removing unnecessary apps as well as files. In addition, users must ensure that their device runs the most recent version iOS.

Troubleshooting Common Issues Apple iOS 14.4

If you encounter any problems when using iOS 14.4 There are several steps they could attempt to fix the problem. This includes restarting the device, setting the settings of the device, and installing the update. In addition, users can reach Apple Support if the issue persists.


Apple iOS 14.4 is a major update which brings many improvements and features for the operating system. Making the switch to iOS 14.4 is an excellent option to make the most of the latest features and improve performance. However, users must ensure they have a device that is compatible latest update before making the upgrade. In addition, they may experience certain issues when they update however, there are a number of options they can follow to solve the issue.