How Many Likes A Day Do You Get On Tinder, Bumble & Hinge

The act of swiping through a dating app can be addictive. On the other hand, with your free account, scrolling through profiles is often brought abruptly halt when you reach the limit.

Every dating app has its own rules regarding how many swipes per day you receive on their platform.

In this post, we’ll attempt go over how each mobile dating application works and how you can optimally use those free swipes for the fullest extent of your potential for matching.

Why Do Dating Apps Put A Limit On Likes?

Dating apps place limits on swipes as it is beneficial to the overall operation. In the beginning, when dating applications came out there was no restriction on swipes. Users were able to move left and right whatever time they wanted until they grew exhausted or ran out of people who were in their vicinity.

Dating app companies quickly realized that they could restrict the amount of swipes, so that users would be enticed by the experience. Then, they’d be more inclined to purchase premium services and would be able to make unlimited swipes.

After one dating app adopted this model and it was soon followed by an ensuing ripple effect across the entire dating industry. It’s now standard to set a limit on swipes that users have to keep within.

How Do Dating Apps Limit Your Swiping?

Each app is unique in terms of time. A majority of mobile dating apps limit your possibility of swiping for free matches between 12-24 hours. This time-frame is sufficient to prompt users to consider whether they want to purchase premium version or not.

If the user is in the awkward state of being unable to swipe, often the modal or pop-up will appear to entice the user to sign-up to their premium service. If they sign up , they’ll have unlimited likes and swipe as many times as they’d want.

How Many Free Likes Do You Get On Tinder?

On Tinder you can choose to have up to 25 likes prior to you are restricted to swiping to 12 hours. After the 12 hours are done, Tinder will give you another 25 likes. Tinder will not punish users for swipes to the left for disliking.

After the right swipe limit is reached, a display will appear that prompts users to purchase Tinder Gold or one of their premium services.

The best thing that’s so great about Tinder is that it actually provides you with a countdown of the time you’re in lockout for. Some apps don’t provide the timer, which means you don’t know what time you can resume swiping in the application.

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How Many Free Likes Do You Get on Bumble?

The Bumble algorithm is a more unique than the majority of dating apps. The sign-up process on Bumble will require you to swipe in order that it can understand your swipe patterns.

Bumble will let you have 25 likes, but you’ll be in a locked-out state for 24 hours. It seemed pretty typical, since they’re trying to convince users straight away to sign up for the premium version of their service.

After waiting for 24 hours after which your account will be unlocked once more. Bumble will allow you to take anywhere from 25 swipes per right before you are locked out and having by them to buy their premium services.

Bumble was the leading choice of dating apps due to its unlimited swipes and users generally found good matches through the app. It’s still among the most popular apps, however the paywall has brought it on the same level as other dating apps that are paid for by mobile.