Bitcode AI Review: Is This AI-Powered Trading Platform a Sc

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Bitalpha AI Review – Can You Trust This Trading Platform? B

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Binbot Review: Can This Trading Robot Really Make You Rich? Are

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SVB Collapse Shakes Crypto Firms: Lawmakers Seek Answers From Fed, FDIC

Members of Congress met with federal regulators, including the Federal Reserve and FDIC, to discuss the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also discussed the event with banking regulators. The failure of SVB comes just days after crypto-friendly bank Silvergate collapsed. Lawmakers Seek Answers from Fed, FDIC Members of Congress held … Read more

UK Banks Limit Crypto Transactions Over Regulatory Concerns

Regulator Warnings: HSBC and Nationwide Banks have taken measures to limit retail customers’ access to cryptoassets in response to the evolving legal and regulatory landscape surrounding the crypto industry. Nationwide Decision: Credit cards can no longer be used for crypto purchases and daily limits on debit card purchases have been set at £5,000 ($6,000). Additionally, … Read more